0213 - Scarlet

Big, round brim hat from red silk satin and black silk satin bow.

0225 - Jasmin

Black silk pleated turban adjusted with fleared red silk brim and feathers.

0227 - Lara

Artificial fur bonnet with silk bow at the back.

0230 - Pin Wheel

Base made of metal wire, dressed with black lycra tulle, sequins and feathers.

0234 - Crustacean

Metal wire frame dressed with fuccia sequins, silk, satin and feathers.

0243 - Lady Luize

Pill box hat from silk lace, organza and net.

0813 - Maria Antouanette

Dusty pink silk hat with ivory lace and pearls in front. At the back, a silk flower from dusty pink chiffon and raw silk, feathers and ivory net.

0883 - My Fair Lady

Silk hat with a large brim, filled with white feathers.

0889 - Astonishing Red

Large brim hat, in burgundy colour, filled with raw silk hand made flowers.

2007-012531D - Audrey

Round brim hat from green raw silk and green feathers.

0206 - 0206

0210 - 0210

0655 - 0655

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MARO2009-020447 - maro2009-020447

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