2007-010130 - White Symphony

The long lace dress, kimono style. Smocking stitch on chest. Ruffle hat with porcelain wreath. Boy`s jumper suit is made from cotton silk with silk organza shirt.

2008-014987 - Victorian Style in Green

Dress from silk linen, lace,pleaded organza and silk petticoat. The belt is made of raw silk. The hat is made from the same material as the dress, decorated with porcelain flowers.

2009-018845 - Colourful Victorian

Embroidered ivory linen with lace and ribbon in olive colour. Hat from embroidered linen and porcelain flowers in olive and purple colour. (The same hat also exists in pink). Pink silk dress with lace and buttons. Hat from the same material as dress with pink organza ribbon and flowers. Wreath from organza pink flower and porcelain blue flower.

MARO-006023 - Victorian Style in Ivory

Ivory raw silk and velvet symphony.

MARO-002469 - Spring Symphony

Dress made of organza and embroidered lace in pale colours. Hat made from the same material as the dress. The cape is made of organza, woven ribbon and a touch of the lace of the dress. The candle is decorated with pearls and pieces of embroidery of the lace.

MARO2011-027048 - Christening

MARO2012-30182 - Christening

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