0445 - Roses

Pink raw silk roses.

0547 - Flowers

Silk organza flowers with crystal swarovsky stems.

0751 - Corsash

Flower from raw silk and silk organza. Comes in any colour you desire.

0783 - Corsash

Flower from dusty pink chiffon, feather, ivory raw silk and stems with crystals and pearls.

0841 - Flower Concept

Flower decoration for wedding gown. Roses made from: ivory silk organza, silk lace, pink silk chiffon, swarovsky crystals AB and pearls, leaves from green raw silk and lace. Stuffed border.

2007-012538E - Flower Concept

Hand made flower from silk organza in pink and ivory colour, with feathers.

0375 - 0375

0756 - 0756

0861 - 0861

0863 - 0863

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