0384 - Choker

Three line choker with silver diamonte bridge, swarovsky crystals AB and pearls.

0774 - Wedding Pillow

Wedding pillow from white satin, lace and beads. Garter from lace and blue ribbon.

0834 - Wedding Gloves

Hand made from sequins fabric.

0878 - Album for Wishes

Suitable for weddings or christenings. Hand made cover with lavender and silver ribbon, organza, satin and lace.

2168 - Wedding Pillow

Made from white satin duches fabric, lace beads and embroidered with porcelain flowers. Hand made white and silver porcelain flowers for the wedding wreaths.

2172 - Wedding Pillow

Ivory silk organza pillow with French lace finish.

2175 - Small Favours

Sweets tied tulle, individually. Topped with hand made porcelain flowers.

2176 - Knife & Champaign Glasses

Knife and Champaign glasses tied with hand made porcelain flowers, gold bow and swarovsky crystals.

MARO-004678 - Gold Wedding Collection

Tiara: High tiara in gold coloured wire with strass, swarovski coloured crystals and pearls. Shoes: Hand made flower pin from swarovski crystal Dorado and AB. Corsash: Metal organza in gold. Earrings: With swarovski pearls and crystals AB. Flower 1: Suitable for head or dress. Hand made wire frame, with pearls and swarovski crystals AB. Flower 2: Suitable for head or dress. Hand made wire frame, with swarovski pearls and crystals AB. Broach: Gold coloured wire frame with swarovski crystals SIAM and AB.

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0330 - 0330

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0572 - 0572

0807 - 0807

0866 - 0866

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